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How to rent an apartment for short term stay in Pune

If you’re considering a possible move to Pune, then let me give you a heads up right at the start: You’re taking a really good decision! A city which started developing around the late 1980’s, have progressed into developing rapidly in the last 15 years to be one of the most competent cities with extremely skilled workforce. The city is almost at par with advanced IT hubs like Bangalore and Gurgaon. The city is located on a plateau if we look at it topographically which is one of the primary reasons for its nice climatic condition throughout the year.

stay in Pune
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Top 8 Most Amazing Houses in India

Here are the most expensive homes in India:

  1. Antila

Proprietor: MukeshAmbani

About: The most extravagant home in India is Antila. It is likewise the costliest home on the planet. Claimed by wealthiest individual in India Mukesh Ambani, the building is spread in 400, 000 square-foot and has 27 stories; 6 of them are held for stopping and 3 for helipad. Envision any extravagance you need in your home, you can discover it in this rich building.

  1. NCPA Apartments

Around: A 4BHK condo in this building will cost you Rs. 29 crore – 35 crore. NCPA Apartments is situated at Nariman point, a standout amongst the most extravagant zone in the world. This condo is one of the 10 most lavish homes in India

  1. Anil Ambani’s Abode

Proprietor: Anil Ambani

About: Anil Ambani is attempting to catch his sibling even in the race of sumptuous home. His new home will be Abode – as of now under development. Allegedly the expense of the building is coming to Rs. 5000 Crore, which could increment. On the off chance that this is genuine then two Ambani siblings will claim two most extravagant homes on the planet.

  1. Mannat

Proprietor: Shahrukh Khan

About: King of Bollywood, furthermore the second wealthiest performing artist on the planet, claims one of the 10 most extravagant homes in India. His fantasy home named “Mannat” is at Bandra, Mumbai.

  1. Ratan Tata’s Bungalow

Proprietor: Ratan Tata

About: Ratan Tata is one of the best and most regarded industrialists of the world. His home in Colaba is not as much as a chateau. Spread over 15, 000 square-feet region, it has 3 stories and six levels with a pool at the top. This manor has all the richness.

  1. JK House

Proprietor: Gautam Singhania

JK House1

About: Gautam Singhania’s JK house, which is at Breach Kandy Mumbai, is definitely one of the 10 most extravagant homes in India. His home has 30 stories, which incorporates 6-story for stopping, one for helipad, a gallery, wellbeing focus and a flat for every relative with all the extravagances.

  1. White House in the Sky

Proprietor: Vijay Mallya

About: This rundown of 10 most lavish homes in India will be deficient without specifying UB Group executive Vijay Mallya. Vijay Mallya’s new extravagant under development manor is in UB City Bangalore. UB city is the township possessed by UB gathering of which Mr. Mallya is director. His name is sufficient to figure that this chateau will have overwhelming offices, components and extravagances.

  1. Navin Jindal’s Home at Verdant Lutyens Bungalow Zone

Proprietor: Naveen Jindal

About: Industrialist turned legislator, Naveen Jindal, lives in a lavish cabin, which has an expected expense of Rs 125 – 150 crore. The home is situated in Delhi’s verdant Lutyens Bungalow Zone where costs have risen 8-fold in the previous decade. The zone additionally houses cabins of different acclaimed industrialists like Sunil Mittal, KP Singh, Naveen Jindal, and LN Mittal.


Things You “Must” Check before You Purchase Land!

The most critical thing to do before you purchase a specific land you are occupied with is to see whether the area can be sold by the individual who is offering it. Much the same as how “Bunty &Bubly” sold the Taj Mahal, you would prefer not to be on the opposite side of a “Bluffmaster’s” splendid arrangements.


So, before you even make the first stride towards purchasing the land you are occupied with, you got the opportunity to check a couple of things.

Check the “Title Deed/Certificate of Title” of the Area:

A title deed is “an authoritative report demonstrating a man’s entitlement to property” as characterized by a law word reference. A backer readies a title deed in the wake of concentrating on and investigating the property and checking that all is together.

So, as a purchaser what you have to do is solicit the proprietor from the area you wish to buy for the title deed and audit it appropriately. Try not to acknowledge a xerox duplicate of the deed. Request the first “Title Deed”. A few times the merchant may have taken a credit and give in the first deed.

You have to verify through the title deed that the area is for the sake of the dealer. Additionally, you have to confirm that he has full right to offer the area and that he is the sole proprietor of the area and nobody else is. It is savvy to get the title deed looked into by a trusted attorney just to verify that there are no escape clauses.

As a purchaser, you might likewise request past title deeds of the area and get these confirmed too by an attorney.

Request the “Encumbrance Certificate”

The following step is to request an “Encumbrance Certificate”. This is fundamentally an authentication that says that the area is not under any kind of lawful question. The encumbrance declaration can be gotten from the sub-recorders office where the deed for the area has been enrolled. The encumbrance testament for as long as 13 years ought to be taken and confirmed. You could even request the encumbrance endorsement of the most recent 30 years for more illumination.

On Account of “Swore Land”

A few individuals may have sworn their territory beforehand for taking a credit. For this situation, it is astute to guarantee that all the credit installments have been made and that no sum is expected. Ask the dealer to create the “Discharge Certificate” from the bank that is important to discharge all obligations over the area lawfully.

Measure the Area:

Get a perceived surveyor to gauge the area and see that the measurements, territory, outskirts and so forth are precise as expressed by the dealer.

If There Is More Than One Proprietor:

In the event that there is more than one proprietor, it is shrewd to get a “discharge endorsement” from everybody included before proceeding with the procedure.

If the Proprietor is a NRI:

On the off chance that the proprietor of the area is a NRI, then the vendor of the area in India ought to be given “Force of Attorney” to offer the reach for the benefit of the NRI. The force of lawyer must be marked by an officer of the Indian government office in the vicinity of a witness.

After all, these introductory checks are made so that you can go about the genuine procedure of purchasing the area.


Emerging Trend of Residential Properties within Commercial Complexes

The rising growth of MNCs in India is leading to immense growth of commercial properties in the major Hubs of India. Government is consolidating commercial properties in regions such that there is very less dispersion. As more and more companies are making offices in India, the rise in demand of commercial properties as well as residential properties is driving people crazy. With the increase in traffic on the streets, travel time is increasing rapidly and people desperately want to cut down on travel time and stay closer to offices.


The emerging trend nowadays is to have residential properties within commercial premises. The advantages are many as these properties can be rent out or even sold to needful customers. These properties can be in the form of villas or even apartments and the use-cases are many.


  1. Villas for Executives: Builders can make villas in the commercial complex, which can be sold or rented to Execs of companies. The benefit is that the office is at vicinity and the travel time is reduced and execs can spend more time in the companies. This is beneficial both, for the exec, as well as the companies.


  1. Service Apartment for short stays: When senior and exec level people are visiting their offices in India, they can be made to stay in these properties. When compared with the cost of a luxury hotel, companies can make their employees accommodate in these properties for similar prices. The best part is that the travel time is reduced drastically and is almost negligible when staying in the commercial properties.


  1. 2/3 BHK Apartments for sale: There are many properties where there are lots of apartments being sold. Middle-income people can buy/rent these apartments and eventually spend more time with their families as they save travel time. Moreover, there is a lot of mental peace as the hassles of travel etc. are avoided. In fact, some properties have schools as well, which makes it even more convenient for families.


  1. Entertainment/Malls in the commercial complex: Apart from the villas and apartments, there can be malls and entertainment complexes where people can unwind. The all-in-one package where you can get stay/entertainment/office is a value added proposal and people are embracing this trend.

This trend is emerging and growing in all parts of India. People are seeking more and more opportunities where they can get everything in one location. These properties are like mini towns and are liked by most people. If you get into these early on, there is a lot of payoff to investors.


3 Important Tips to Make Your Real Estate Investment Pay-Off Better.

Real estate market is booming in India. For people, who are looking for investment in land, houses or apartments, it is very important to be ready for taking up risks as the property prices keep changing. It might happen that a year ago, you have bought a property in 75 lakhs, today its price is 80 lakhs and you plan to sell it off for making a profit. After you sell the property, in a month’s time its price may go up and value of the property rises up to 1 crore. The fluctuation of rates in this market is uncertain and therefore, investors should think before making any transactions (buying and selling).


People who invest in real estate are definitely aiming towards earning money form there based on their risk profile. They need to choose smartly upfront their investment options. Below are the three important factors that real estate investors should try to get:


  • Don’t Make Your Investment too Risky: Not all the real estate investment is very risky. So, investors should avoid properties with high risk profiles and choose an established positive cash flow property to invest. Do a proper scrutiny of the property, analyse well, ask for neighbourhood comments and then make a low-risk decision accordingly.
  • Choose Properties that Require Less Time to Appreciate and Easy to Maintain: Investors should also look for properties that don’t require much time to become smart and fruitful investments. Many properties like vacation rentals, college rentals, properties in less developed areas or under developed areas and low quality properties are tough to appreciate and show increase in value. Some properties that are rented to good tenants for a long period of time take lesser time to manage. If the investors buy a decent property in a good area and keep on rent for some years, the property rate will go higher and it will be easy for them to maintain that property if the tenants have good credit profile. Also, if the property owners treat their tenants with respect and maintain good relations, it will be easier for them to fix any issue related to their property.
  • Choose a Property With Positive Cash Flows For Cash-on-Cash Return: People buy property by converting their assets into liquid or from money. They are selling out their financial assets (liquid) – bonds, stocks, shares, convertible debentures, etc. to buy or invest into an illiquid asset – property or real estate.You may have a glance on the low income housing at NJ which could cater you with higher probability of lucrative returns. On the financial assets, they earn up to 4-6% but at the same time, in real estate market, they struggle to earn a cash on cash return rate. For getting fair rate of return as cash on cash return, they need to research well about the property market and invest in the properties with positive cash flows and have the capacity of earning decently.


An investor need to do a little hard work to get best returns. He/she needs to research well in advance, and make educated decisions to invest in properties that reap positive results.


How to Decide If a Home is Right for You?

For first-time purchasers and rehash purchasers alike, the choice to make an offer on a house is both energizing and a bit terrifying. On the off chance that your offer is acknowledged, the spot you’ve picked will be your home for the following quite a while. In addition to the fact that you should feel sincerely fulfilled by your decision, however you ought to additionally feel fiscally great that you’re purchasing a home that you can manage the cost of and that you feel certain will clutch its worth or ideally increment in quality through the years.


While nobody can know without a doubt what will happen to housing qualities, on the off chance that you settle on the decision to purchase a home that addresses your issues and needs you’ll be glad to live in it for a considerable length of time to come.

Neighborhood or Home Amenities

For some homebuyers, living in a specific neighborhood outweighs every single other priority; however for others, the home itself matters more. In a perfect world, you’ll locate the ideal home in the area you cherish at a value that is beneath your financial plan; yet practically, a great many people need to make a few bargains.

At the Point When to Compromise

Once you’ve figured out if the area or the house itself matters most, you may need to trade off some of your needs. On the off chance that the area is the most critical component for your home decision, you find that homes are evaluated over your financial plan, you can bargain in a few ways:

Search for an alternate home sort inside of the group, for example, a littler single family home, a town home or apartment suite. Choose on the off chance that you can live with one less room or different elements on your rundown.

  • Consult with a bank or a monetary organizer to examine your alternatives for expanding your financial plan. While nobody ought to overspend on a home, you ought to perceive that going $10,000 over your value range when you’re financing your buy with a 30-year variable rate loan will really add just about $30 to your regularly scheduled instalment.
  • Lower your assumptions about the state of the home. While everybody inclines toward a move-in prepared home, you can regularly show signs of improvement arrangement on a home that needs some restorative repairs. Be cautious, however, to have a home examination and to assess the structure of the home to see that it addresses your issues. Moving dividers and including a lavatory are excessive redesigns, while painting and supplanting machines are more sensible.

On the off chance that you have your heart set on a particular home style or a home with a bigger yard for your youngsters or to plant, your bargain is more prone to be in the area. In case you’re willing to drive more distance or maybe pick a home in a group beside the “hot” neighborhood, you can regularly locate a more moderate home that satisfies your list of things to get.


Houses of the Famous

Individuals are constantly inquisitive to think about their most loved stars and their lives. To the extent our Bollywood stars are concerned, they win in crores and they beyond any doubt as damnation know how to contribute it. Presently, we know they live luxurious lives, though how sumptuous would it be able to really get?

Really luxurious! Look at what our cherished famous people call home.

  1. Shah Rukh Khan

The King of Bollywood without a doubt knows how to carry on with his life big! This house, suitably called Mannat, is in Bandra, Mumbai, and has likewise been pronounced a legacy site, which exempts it from regularly being crushed.


Estimate: In overabundance of Rs. 200 crores.

2 Amitabh Bachchan

The genius of the thousand years is said to have 5 houses in Mumbai itself. Be that as it may, Jalsa is the manor where the entire family dwells.

Estimate: Rs 112 crores.

  1. Salman Khan

Likewise is Bandra; close to SRK and Big B’s homes is Galaxy Apartments, the home of another Bollywood whiz, Salman Khan. Bhai regularly turns out on the verandah on the first floor to welcome his fans, who once in a while assemble outside his home just to catch a look at him. Despite the fact that Salman is said to have obtained another house for an astounding 32 crores, he will soon be moving there.

Estimate: Rs 16 crores.

  1. Aamir Khan

The performing artist moved into a leased ocean confronting level in Freeda Apartments, off Carter Road in Bandra, after his home in Pali Hill went under remodel. Months in the wake of moving into this Rs.10 lakh-a-month level, the performing artist purportedly purchased the property. Aah, the life of the rich and the renowned!

Estimate: Rs 60 crores

  1. Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar’s home-sweet-home lives in an ocean confronting duplex level in Prime Beach in Juhu. Like Aamir, this khiladi additionally likes to stay under the radar far from the media after he’s finished with his shoots.

  1. Ranbir Kapoor

Self-declared mother’s kid Ranbir Kapoor stays with his guardians, Rishi and Neetu Kapoor, at Krishna Raj. It has been in the Kapoor family for more than three decades and is one of only a handful couple of lodges on Pali Hill that hasn’t offered route to a tall building.

  1. John Abraham

Sparing the best for the later is dependably something to be thankful for. John Abraham’s penthouse is our most loved Bollywood home out of the parcel. Composed by his sibling and dad, this wonderful penthouse gives a flawless join with nature with both dazzling perspectives of the Arabian ocean and delightful arranging, both inside and outside.

Real estate agent at work

7 Tips for Picking a Real Estate Agent

Need to see through the buildup to contract the best land operators?

There are things you can do to draw back the drapery and precisely survey a land investors’ past execution and potential accomplishment with your home, despite the fact that regarding the matter of picking land operators, “we don’t have the data that we have about other administration experts,” says Stephen Brobeck, official chief of the Consumer Federation of America in Washington, D.C.

Girl holding model of house isolated on white
Girl holding model of house isolated on white

So, whether you’re a purchaser or a merchant, here are seven ways you can figure out all the more about your investors before you contract.

  1. Converse with Late Customers

Solicit operators to give a rundown from what they’ve recorded and sold in the previous year with contact data, says Ron Phipps, past president of the Chicago-based National Association of Realtors or NAR. Before you begin calling the names, inquire as to whether anybody will be “especially satisfied or especially disillusioned,” he says.

Another great inquiry for merchants is: How long has the house been available?

  1. Gaze ahead of the Permitting

States will have sheets that permit and train land investors in the respective places, says Phipps. Check with your state’s administrative body to see whether the individual is authorized and if there have been any disciplinary activities or objections, or verify whether the data is posted on the web.

  1. Pick a Victor

Associate given grants number, says Phipps. One that truly means something is the “Real Estate Broker of the Year” assignment recompensed by the state or nearby office of NAR.

  1. Select an Operator with the Right Qualifications

Pretty much as investors practice, so do land operators. What’s more, even generalists will get extra preparing in a few territories with the goal that letters after the name can be evidence that the individual has taken extra classes in a certain claim to fame of land deals. This is what a percentage of the assignments mean:

  • CRS (Certified Residential Specialist): Completed extra preparing in taking care of private land.
  • ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative): Completed extra training in speaking to purchasers in an exchange.
  • SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist): Completed preparing went for helping purchasers and dealers in the 50 or more age extent.
  1. Research to What Extent the Operators Have Been Doing Business

You can frequently figure out to what extent investors have been offering land from the state permitting power. Alternately, you can simply ask the specialists.

  1. Take a Look at Their Present Postings

Look at a specialists’ postings on the web, says Brobeck. Two spots to look are the organization’s own webpage and, a site that gathers properties in the Multiple Listing Service into a searchable online database.

  1. Find Out about Different Houses Available to Be Purchased Close-By

A decent operator ought to think about other territory properties that are accessible “off the highest point of his head,” says Irwin. Notice a house in your general vicinity that is sold as of late or is available to be purchased.